• Seth Van Camp

Poetry Mill #3

Updated: Feb 6, 2020

I recently returned from a round-the-world backpacking trip. During that time, I saw some beautiful things and some terrible things. At times, I felt both great joy and sorrow. Here are the muses of my time abroad.

Sunrise Kingdom

A fleet of orange, yellow and red hues leave home on their daily commute,

Stretching and intertwining their grasp ten's of thousands of miles.

They are the fastest sprinters in the world and are hardly ever recognized for it,

because their journey is a perpetually arduous one.

This fleet can never make the same commute twice,

all they can hope for is a plentiful rejoinder to their previous days travels.

Despite their monotonous and repetitive work, their viewers never grow weary tired of watching,

much like your favourite film.

So our mecca will continue to be lit and along with it our homes, our hearts and our lives.

Knock Knock

A crisp sound

Knockin' at the door

Though they want to

They can't shut us out

They can break it down

They can break me down

But they can't break us down

Despite the flick and a frown,

Our strength resides in our spirit



In the dark,

wandering in circles,

looking for any light willing to present itself.

What does light look like to those who have never seen it?

Enlightenment arrives in waves,

once you know what to seek.

Reprieve lies in the distance,

while numbness sits with you in the dark.

A false summit if you will.

Trickery and evolution play with who to help - now you or future you?

Can the integrity rise?

Can you find the light?

Can we?