Prints that will make your place look dope

Imagine this. You invite your boss over for a nice little dinner. You usually don't have people over because you don't really like your place that much.  You always get your TPS reports in on time, but you know that if you want that promotion, you're going to need to snuggle up to the boss and show them that you've got some gusto and some personality. Before you know it, the day arrives. You've prepared a nice batch of KD and ramen. Your boss knocks on the door and you nervously answer and invite them inside. They start to look around with a look of disapproval. You're frantically thinking "what did I forget to clean?" But you didn't forget to clean anything. Your boss simply says "Well, there isn't much artwork or photography around here, is there? You uncultured swine. You're fired. You'll never work in this town again!" They proceed to throw the Mio water you just gave them in your face and proceed to stomp out. If you buy one of my prints and deck out your walls, there is a 99% chance that you can avoid this situation and get that raise.

General Price Estimates

5" x 7" (without frame):       $10.00

5" x 7" (with frame):           $25.00

11" x 14" (without frame):  $20.00

11" x 14" (with frame):         $45.00

16" x 20" (without frame):  $25.00

16" x 20" (with frame):          $55.00

24" x 36" (without frame):  $40.00

24" x 36" (with frame):       $75.00

In all seriousness, this is how it works. I will post some of my most popular pictures below. If you want a print of one, let me know and we can discuss the size and options if you want to get it framed. I can get you a print for as cheap as $10, depending on the size and quality of the print. I can also find you the cheapest frame known to man, or we can explore options together like a couple planning their wedding. The prices above are vague and can vary depending on the type of print, the size of print, and the frame. Just send me a text at 780-850-0777 or email me at In the off chance that you aren't from the Edmonton Area and you like my stuff, I can ship my prints to you as well, nothing is off the table. As I said, you're going to want that promotion.



Northern lights BRIGHT AF.jpg

"Milky Twist"

Pyramid Lake Shot.jpg


"Soar Light"




"Run, Chris! Run!"

"Love at a Distance"